Things that are FAST, speed issues, powerful stuff, cars, motorcycles, ninjas, and many other things that can travel faster than you can walk...


GTO's! The Ultimate Pontiac GTO Picture Site by Sean Mattingly.

There's no bigger Pontiac GTO image collection anywhere! For all you GTO fans out there, this is a pretty cool site.

The Official Ninja webpage
Ninjas are so sweet!
Most Ninjas are super fast and powerful and can fly so they belong on this page...

This true power site is really the ultimate Ninja website we've ever found. Ninja gear, T-shirts, throwing stars, photographs, and more!
Superjets galore...You owe it to yourself to own a genuine SUPERJET... and is the "unofficial official" website for everything superjet related.
An Internet forum for meteor observers of all levels

Meteors are fast!Dedicated to discussions relating to meteor astronomy and observing. The 'meteorobs' list is an open forum for amateur astronomers at all levels (and the professionals whose research they provide data to) to share their knowledge, interest, and observations of meteors.

Positive Communication
Save the World
A Tribute - to Positive Action - to People - to Possibilities
Fun stories with fast food...FAST FOOD
is shitty for you.

Most people know that but choose to not think about it when indulging...

Go here for a list of food horror stories that have either been verified to be true, or at least had a lawsuit filed against the restaurant by the victim, so prepare to be grossed out!

Next time you get a craving for some McDonalds, KFC, Taco Bell, or Burger King, you can contribute to this informative post.


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